A whole new meaning for "making strides"

Nike and Apple have teamed up for the Nike+iPod Sprot Kit. According to Technology
the kit:

…uses a wireless sensor to monitor pace, distance, time, and
calories burned while walking or running. Some experts believe the
Sport Kit is the forerunner to wireless, personal sensors with myriad
functions, from tracking locations to monitoring biometrics.

The Sport Kit turns iPod Nanos and specialized Nike shoes into a
feedback system that continuously measures workout activity and updates
a user’s progress. The kit contains just two pieces: a receiver that
attaches to an iPod Nano (it’s not compatible with other iPods) and a
thumb-sized sensor that slips into a slot under the insole. The sensor
monitors physical activity and transmits the data wirelessly to the
receiver, which then sends it to the iPod, where it’s stored.

In addition, the data from it can be uploaded to a website (nikeplus.com),
so users can monitor their progress and set new fitness goals. In this
way, the gadget provides a platformto keep track of workouts.

Hmmm, making strides, doing relays…

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