This week I attended the most far-out Net Tuesday yet. CompuMentor was really pushing the envelope of virtual reality technology by holding a "mixed reality" event. That means there were two venues:

  1. Many people were online at the TechSoup site in Second Life.
  2. Simultaneously, some of us were in the CompuMentor annex in San Francisco.

Live, streaming video and audio from the real world was playing on a screen in SL, so you could see the "real world" in the un-real world of Second Life. It was made even more surreal because there was a 15-second delay between what was happening in the room and what was coming back through the screen in SL. Meanwhile audio portions of presentations were being made via Skype and streamed into SL while the presenter’s avator stood at the podium in SL. Needless to say, there were more than your usual number of audio/video glitches. Kind of a madhouse, really, but a very patient group knew they were looking at technology that will become standard in the future. I’ll be doning a couple of podcasts with people who were key technical coordinators for the event and posting the links.