‘Round and ‘round we go

Remember the days when communications were on paper (yes, you youngsters, there was such a time), and there was some chance that a message might go awry? So if you forgot to do something and the boss thundered, “Didn’t you get the memo?!” there was some degree of plausibility in saying, “Uh, it musta gotten lost in the mail.”

Then came e-mail and, bang, there was the memo and there was no excuse unless the sender got back an error message saying the system couldn’t find the address. The fudge-factor went away.

Now maybe it’s coming back. Our division has installed a spam filter on Lotus Notes. Sometimes it filters out true spam, but sometimes it filters out real communications. I check my spam list every day (almost as annoying as the spam itself) to make sure to get all my communications. If I don’t check there’s the possibility I’ll miss a message.

So have we come full-circle? “Didn’t you get that e-mail?” “Uh, it musta gotten filtered out.”

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  1. Ha! Hooray! All that accountability was really beginning to rankle. I wish this could happen to voicemail now.