What does a mobile faith look like?

Come find out at this cool SXSW event from one of my good friends and mentors.

MOBILE.FAITH @ SxSW – March 8 1 pm – 6 pm, St. David’s Church

Just before SXSW, mobile.faith provides an opportunity for individuals involved in faith communities and in technology from Austin and around the globe to share how they are forging ahead in this rapidly emerging space. This gathering addresses one of the great challenges of our age: to live connected to one another through technology, and to do so in ways that are beneficial to our soulwork, connected in our communities, and useful to the world.

Speakers include: Leo Brunnick, founder and the CEO of Patheos.com; Dr. Maria A. Dixon, assistant professor of corporate communication and public affairs at Southern Methodist University; Jason Illian, CEO/Founder at Rethink Books, former CEO of GodTube; Jonny Baker, founder of Proost, an online worship & ministry media collective

Sponsored by Patheos and Cadabra Media, this event is free – you can register at: http://mobilefaith.eventbrite.com/