Volunteer Gig: It’s Hot, can you help? Driving Kids in Austin

How easy is this? Consider helping this amazing cause out today, they are right here in Austin, TX and need your help.

“I teach a free ESL class for immigrant kids, which is open to children from about 39 countries.  The teaching is free, and I give them all their school supplies, and every time they come to class I give them a few books in English to take home to keep.  I am writing because I am hoping you may know someone who can help me with one problem I am having.

There are refugee kids who want to come but who don’t have transportation. They know how to ride city buses, but the closest one stops at least a mile from the class site, and they’d have to walk in July and August heat, and sometimes rain, plus walk over a railroad track.  These kids are all here legally (their families have escaped  from places such as Burma, Bhutan, and so forth, and then been invited here by the U.S. government), and their parents have SS #’s, I-94’s, etc.   The kids could be picked up at the 1700 block of Rutland, or at a central point amongst a group of apartments one block north of Lamar and Denson, or at a central point on Reinli one block east of I-35.

There are little groups of children at each location, and being able to include even a few kids of them would really be a good thing.  They have not signed up yet because they don’t have any way to get to the class.

The class begins on June 28th and ends on August 6th.  It meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 2 – 5 p.m. The class will be held at a community center on Duval Road, between 183 and Mopac.”
Can you help drive these kids during the day?”

Elaine M. Allan, B.S.,J.D., retired

cell (512)750-7730

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