Update on the Strategic Advisory Committee for Community Service, Volunteerism, and Philanthropy

Whew. Always a mouthful even to type that. If you remember this is the City of Austin task force that I am serving with. I’ve been very interested to see the discussion ebb and flow over the last few months till we decided to concentrate on community service and volunteerism. Our last meeting was a particularly interesting one in which we discussed how to get more people in Austin volunteering. Is it community driven? Driven by advertising? Hyper local driven? Driven by a volunteer portal run by the City of Austin? Encouraging more nonprofits to use VolunteerMatch.org? Or creating something all our own? These were just some of the burning questions we wrestled with. We also heard from the co-founders of two Austin tech startups attempting to solve some of these problems.



What do you think? Have you explored any of the questions we are exploring in your community?

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