Test Blog Post – an old favorite revisited

A long term favorite web page benefiting a long term favorite cause (endangered animals and the environment) is www.sandiegozoo.com. The feature that hooked me in 1999 is PandaCam. Need a source of relaxation fast? Watch a panda. I checked the webpage yesterday after reading a baby panda was born yesterday morning. The page contains up to date technology to help in the advancement of its cause: live video – the PandaCam, video files (often pulled from PandaCam or behind the scenes), a blog, volunteer sign-up and donation capabilities. The blog features entries from the zoo staff and comments from around the world. Whatever your feelings on zoos, the web page is well designed to create a link between its constituents and the organization it represents. The ACS’s Second Relay for Life and Blog for Hope should enjoy similiar success.

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