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Are you Generation Y? Into Nonprofits?

Y Gen Outloud is sponsoring a contest for young volunteers to show us what they’re doing this holiday season to give back to their communities. There are three categories: essay, video, and slideshow. The winner from each group will receive a $250 Visa gift card and a spot as a guest (along with their nonprofit) on my “Keeping Up with ...

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Greenlights Web Volunteer Needed

Hey Gang! Can you help? The fine folks at Greenlights are in the process of developing a new website, which will be built using Joomla, an open source, PHP content management system. A volunteer is needed to assist with content migration, Joomla setup, and configuration prior to launch. Experience working with PHP content management systems is a plus, but not ...

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THANK YOU WEEK – Volunteer Web Site Policy

A lot of non profits are torn on this..torn like an old sweater. Do you let your volunteers and fans run their own Web Sites? Do you not? Do you make them register? Do they have to sign in blood? Can they use the logo? A variant of your logo? Over at the American Cancer Society we debated all these ...

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