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Are you seeing Invisible Dogs?

Well I want you to! As many of you know I have been doing some work for Best Friends Animal Society (@BFAS) around Digital Strategy and creating online movements to solve social issues. Our newest digital movement is “The Invisible Dogs Campaign“(#InvisibleDogs). We are starting with the smile that comes to people’s faces when they see the iconic “invisible dog” ...

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The Red Cross spreads the Story

These photos are heartbreaking and amazing all at once. I know that The Red Cross has some things easy compared to the rest of us. And some things that hamper them that a lot of us don’t even have to worry about. However something they hit home run after home run with is their usage of Social Media. Watch the ...

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User Generated Content – CASE STUDY

Over here at the American Cancer Society we are big fans of User Generated Content (esp around Videos) but this year we really tested that idea around one of our biggest programs: The Relay For Life Heroes of Hope. This is a program where we honor cancer survivors who have stepped up and provided a highly visible symbol of personal ...

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