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Social Media for Invisible People..How?

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Texas Council on Family Violence this week about Social Media Fundraising. However I came out learning a ton from these amazing folks. So let’s say you work for Best Buy or Target, you might not be able to get away with certain things in your Social Media conversations, right? Maybe you can’t ...

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What color is your bra? Do we care?

I loved this post on Breast Cancer Awareness. It rings very true to me. I go back and forth on this issue, from thinking that all the pink is a good thing to thinking that let’s have less awareness and more action. How much do all these orgs spend on marketing vs research? That’s the message of the post below: ...

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American Cancer Society High Plains Social Media Guidelines

Launch and learn right? These are our Social Media Guidelines for staff here in the High Plains Division of the American Cancer Society. We represent 7 states here in the US. Take a look and let us know what you think. The first 4 people to comment will win prizes. Feel free to adopt and modify them for your org ...

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