SXSW Summary – Crowd Sourcing Social Change

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So I am back from SXSW (such a loooong trip 😉 ) and wanted to do a quick re-cap of all the amazing things we learned from folks at our “Crowd Sourcing Innovative Change Panel”. The best part for me was hearing from the over 300 people who packed into our room to hear the panel. They had an amazing array of ideas and arguments that bursted at the seams to be hears. It’s the largest crowd I have spoken too at SXSX so far. Here are some of the great articles people wrote about the panel to represent those thoughts.

Crowdsourcing a Panel

Crowdsourcing Customer Service

Lessons in Crowdsourcing

Beth Kanter UStream Interview

10 Ways Crowdsourcing Rocks

How scrappy is your Crowdsourcing?

The #CrowdX Hashtag Results (pages and pages)

And of course here is our Powerpoint:

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