Outbound Dashboard for your Non Profit

Hey Gang!

So it’s end of the year time at most non-profits (including mine) which means fundraising, IRS stuff, Budgets and reports to the public. How many of you are doing a Public Facing Dashboard? Something like the fine folks over at Social Actions are doing? Check it out here.

Something that let’s the general public take a look at what you are doing. Think of it as Annual Report Lite. The idea is to put some of you numbers online and let people have a peak behind the curtain. In the case of Social Actions it’s

-Web Site Visits
– Twitter Followers
– API uses
– Financials

When I worked on this at the American Cancer Society it was the same thing plus pulling in live data from things like Convio, Kimbia and our CRM software through API’s. And password protecting it all for the C suite. We also worked on pulling the info through dashbaord apps for the Mac. However we never quite got all the bugs worked out.

So what would your dashboard look like?

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