More on 50×15…Expanding Access to the Internet

Ruiz_1AMD CEO Hector Ruiz says "IT (information technology) has proven that it has a brain, now it is time to prove that it has a heart." Speaking at the World Congress on Information Technology conference in Austin, he explained his initiative called 50-by-15, which aims to expand Internet access to 50 percent of
the world’s population by 2015, compared with today’s level of about 15 percent.

He stated that he feels we can maximize IT for healthcare. He sited the following stats…83% of patients and caregivers surveyed said they wanted Internet access for information while at the hospital or treatment center, yet on 4% said they had it. And, once they have information, there is a tendency to be overwhelmed and a need for someone to help them understand it. It sounds like a fit for our patient navigation program.