Lights Camera SXSW?

Hey Gang!

The crew from Lights. Camera. Help. was lucky enough to be on a panel for SXSW this year. Here’s a small sample of what we talked about:

Moderator David J Neff, and panelists Aaron Bramley and Rich Vazquez (all from Lights, Camera, Help), joined Ramya Raghavan (Nonprofits and Activism Manager, YouTube) and Beverley Pomeroy (of Pinc Productions Inc and Life on Purpose Network) to discuss the importance of considering target audiences, methodology, and focus when creating video aimed at promoting nonprofit causes. The group agreed that the narrative of a short film is crucial when attempting to develop widespread interest in a cause, and offered some tips and opinions on the nonprofit film world to help get small philanthropic groups started on the web.

Check out the following great news sites and Blogs about this cool panel we were a part of:

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