Join my Movember Team!

Some of you may remember that last year, a bunch of us Austinites teamed up against some Bostonians to raise awareness and help fight prostate and testicular cancer during the month of November. The end result of our Movember campaign was a 50 person team with over $18,000 in donations. This year, we’re hoping to make it bigger… five times bigger to be exact. We have big plans to incorporate corporate donations, scavenger hunts, famous sports figures and lots more.mustache

What’s fun about this fund raising effort is that not only focused on encouraging people to donate money but more importantly, it’s about team building and creating awareness so that blockheads like me who at least one point in time in their lives thought they were invincible, do something about getting regular checkups. Oh yeah, we also get to grow mustaches (or if you’re female, you get to Photoshop on a mustache).

So how can you the readers on my Blog get involved? Well I would love for you to join our team here:

Or donate to my effort here:

Think of it as a tip for all the work I do bringing you great content. And a tip of the hat to Aaron Strout for the great words above!