I’m teaching Social Media 101 – Interested?

Hey Gang,

I am teaching a college class on Social Media this year. It’s an intro class for people to get started on using Social Media to promote themselves and their non profits or businesses. If you’re interested in taking the class I am teaching it in the business school over at ACC here in Austin.

Click here to check out and register for the class. Scroll down and look for BUSX 3003.

Here is what you will be learning:

Course Description: Instruction in terminology, theory and application behind the current trend of Social Media. Will cover aspects of Social Media usage in Marketing, Business, Non Profits, Job Seeking, Public Relations, Advertising and maintaining/enhancing social connections.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of PC Use, Web Usage, Including Orientation to Windows, or equivalent experience.

Objectives: Every student will be able to:

  • Create an Online Profile

  • Identify parts of the screen on Social Networks

  • Identify eight (plus) key Social Media Applications and Networks

  • Use Help on these Social Networks

  • Fill out an online profile

  • Navigate in selected Social Networks

  • Upload photos/videos/graphics

  • Discover theories behind various social networks/social media apps

  • Determine appropriate usages of various social networks/social media apps

  • Apply appropriate usages of those networks/apps

  • Explore the usage of those network/apps and the world around them

Rationale: Social Media is one of the largest growing fields of information dissemination in our world today. This class will form the building blocks students need to apply Social Media to marketing themselves, their businesses or simply understanding the world wide communication revolution that is Social Media.

Interested? Know someone who might be? Help me spread the word!

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