How to LIVESTREAM your Non Profit Event – High Plains Media Awards

So at 1pm CST today people from all over our six states will be tuning in to watch The High Plains Media Awards. This award show honors journalists who write about cancer in the media. Media coverage plays a significant role in public beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors related to health. Their news stories have informed us, touched us, and urged us to take action.

The American Cancer Society is proud to present the 27th annual media awards program to honor excellence in communications about cancer.

So how did we do this? We had several options. LIVESTREAM it ourselves, hire someone to live stream it, etc. However we choose to partner up with a Distance Learning College in our area. In this case it was the College of Engineering at the University of Texas. They already livestream and record classes all over the country so it was a perfect fit. It cost us very small fee and we even got two technical people to be with us for the hour of the program. An amazing deal from an amazing partner of our non-profit.

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