High Flying Publicity Stunt – MLF

Is that an actual person on IH-35? On a billboard? Those are some of the questions that people are asking in Austin, TX as Mobile Loaves and Fishes unveils their latest bid to get people to pay attention to the homeless problem in Austin, TX.

From our friends at the Austin Business Journal “The billboard is part of the Austin-based nonprofit’s new mobile giving and awareness campaign, “I Am Here,” which was developed by Austin advertising firm T3.

“Our mission is about empowering people to help,” organization founder Alan Graham said.

“So what if all those people who were afraid to acknowledge a homeless person, or just didn’t know how to help, could send a text donation? They’d be empowered to act, right there in the moment. That’s pretty powerful stuff.”

MLF picked Danny, who has been living on the streets for 15 years along with his wheelchair-bound wife Maggie, to participate in the “I am Here” kickoff event on April 27.

The nonprofit is leveraging the billboard as a call to action, asking passerbyers to text “Danny” to 20222 to make a $10 donation and help Danny and his wife get into a home through MLF’s Habitat on Wheels program.”

Another amazing campaign from one of my favorite non profits.

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