HelpAttack! and the Red Cross

HelpAttack! is an Austin startup (that I work at) that allows people to pledge their online activity – whether it’s Tweets or Facebook updates – to a nonprofit of their choice. For every Tweet you send out, or action you take on Facebook, you can pledge whatever amount you choose (most people pledge a total of about $35 a month) to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
The idea is to get people into the habit of giving, by connecting it to what they’re already doing – wasting time on the Internet!
During the month of March, HelpAttack! is partnering with the American Red Cross for National Red Cross month to help support the many programs and services the Red Cross provides to people all over the country, and around the world. Recently, they’ve played an important role in responding to the victims of the earthquake in New Zealand.
You can help support the Red Cross and HelpAttack!, two very worthy causes, by going here:
And making a pledge.