Fund Raising and Spending Close to Home

Distinguished and Major gifts are more easily gotten if it can be shown that the monies will be spent closer to home.  A case in point is a list of expenditure possibilities in California that elicit consideration for large contributions.   Such lists and the donors to fund them could and should be available in all Divisions.  Here are California’s:

Lane Cancer Resource Network:  Will dramatically increase number of patients served statewide.

Hope Lodge:  Is a home-away-from-home for cancer patients.

Unfunded Research:  Outstanding cancer research projects received approval, but have gone unfunded.  Will give donors the ability to direct their support  to this research.

Young Cancer Survivor Scholarship Program:  The program awards annual stipends of up to $5000 for college expenses to financially needy.

Local Program Priorities:  Patient services, public education, and outreach to under served communities are some of these programs.

Now, wouldn’t  you be interested in making a major or distinguished gift to one of these programs close to home?