FieldWorker–Capturing Data with a Mobile Application

Peter Neve, President of FieldWorker Products, Ltd. in Toronto, has developed a tool set for mobile work processes that may have some application potential for the ACS. According to him,  FieldWorker Enterprise is the easiest, quickest to deploy and most cost effective solution for mobile data collection. The product offering is designed/customized to suit an organization’s needs.

My first question was to ask if it is compatible with Siebel–and it is. This is built on the Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform that is used with Palm applications. I’m going to follow up, but after a brief conversation with Mr. Neve, it appears that there could be some potential uses for ACS. Whether it’s Corporate Relations staff, Patient Navigators, or even our community-based field representatives, it may be a solution regarding data capture and data entry.

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