Crowd Sourcing your Nonprofit Website Pt 2

So who won?

The Winning Design

Our developer, Heather Gardner-Madras can attest to this, our design was not necessarily web ready. Genius Rocket Creative, and designer of the entry we chose as winner, Alexandra Pokras, put together an amazing design which we loved, but making it into a website was the next challenge.

For those who may not know Heather, you should. She’s a passionate web developer who cares about causes and making them shine online. She gave us solid recommendations on CMS’ and which was likely to best serve our needs (we ended up with Drupal – and it rocks!). She helped us work through some of our site architecture. She helped us understand modules that would best help us achieve our goals. And above all else she never handed the reins over until we knew what we were doing and still is more than happy to help us as we move along! Mostly, maybe, for her benefit (breaking a site can be a complicated “undo”), but we are well trained today to be able to handle the site.

Overall I would call the experience positive. We believe we have a forward thinking design that is of the web “now.” I don’t know if I would recommend crowd-sourcing for every project that a nonprofit faces, but with limited financial resources it is definitely an option that could result in you meeting your project goals.

We’d love for you to take a look at our website and tell us what you think!

Have you crowd-sourced a project? How’d it work for you?

Do you think crowd-sourcing is a smart choice for nonprofits?