All encompassing Avatar

After reading this article in the
I began thinking of the extent and scope of the avatar and how it may
evolve in the coming years.  I feel that in the coming years we will be
using a single avatar to conduct the sum of our daily on line
transactions.  I see that systems will begin to recognize our one
digital self and we will be able to move seamlessly through portals
while shopping, paying bills, and ordering food.  Part of this theory
dictates that the avatar we have now may be a vital asset to us in the
future and creating a positive experience in the digital world may help
us in the material world in the end. 

Social Capital is built through the interaction of people, be it
mediated over tapas or through a virtual world. This capital may
actually be more useful and have a longer ‘shelf life’ in the digital
world depending on certain situations.  See … computers never forget
transactions the way people forget conversations, and consistent
positive experiences may ensure smooth sailing for you and your
avatar.  The point is that the virtual universe is an open frontier and
long term success in this space may hinge on some real world manners.

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