“Long Tailing” It from Another Perspective

Although technologically aware, I am not a technology cheerleader, but rather a cautious explorer. Figuring there are people even less inclined to adopt new technology, I look for methods to soften the implementation process and get people on board. One way is to combine the new with a positive familiar. In my case the positive familiar is animals. RealAge, an on-line personal health record and personal health assistant, also has RealAge for dogs and cats. I think this is a great way for people to try the product without divulging their personal information. A new “product” in the world of digital/on-line music and communication is DogCatRadio. This is a radio station for pets to listen to, especially when their people are not home. The djs talk to the pets and the music is middle of the road (Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong, GoGos, The Cure, Elvis, Billy Joel, Faith Hill, Jimi Hendrix ) As a tangent, what a great way to plant the seed for a proactive well-being life style! Taking time to take care of your pets usually involves taking time to take care of yourself via regular exercise, drinking water, down time to give and receive attention. From the tech side, what a niche product and a fun way to promote and/or to get familiar with digital radio and digital communities.

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  1. Poor Jimi. He’s gotta be rollin’ in his grave to learn…he’s middle of the road!