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04/30 2014

PayPal + Ebay want to help your Nonprofit

Volunteer PayPal and eBay employee teams of product specialists and technologists will be matched with local non-profits to work together for six (6) months to make a positive impact on technical, marketing, or operational issues identified by the non-profit.  All support is offered free of charge, but we will ask for time and commitment to working with the team.

The “Small Business Challenge”is a friendly competition for the teams to see who can make the greatest positive impact –benefiting the organization they’re partnering with –while also enhancing the employees’skills and understanding of small business. The project is a demonstration of how eBay Inc. can enhance the local ecosystem through innovative technology solutions. We will be working with non-profit partners to provide with impactful, sustainable solutions!

They are looking for nonprofits who are:

·         Passionate and believe in their business

·         Open to change and committed to improving and growing

·         Excited about working with an external team and trying out new approaches

·         Able to commit to developing and implementing improvements over the next five (6) months

·         Need some sort of technological solution due to gaps within technical framework.  Examples of desired business enhancements are as follows:

-          Technology –guidance in new web services/apps , payments processing

-          Business Development, e.g.,  brainstorm additional fundraising sources

-          Backend Finance/Accounting support

-          Research: Market, technology, competition analysis, etc.,

·         Willing to prepare and present a pitch for a “Marketplace”event on May 19th

·         Due to limited number of teams, not all non-profits who wish to participate may be selected. If selected by a team, the non-profit must be willing to:

-          Designate a senior decision maker to be a single/primary point of contact

-          Have the team visit approximately two times per month throughout the challenge, and be available for calls as needed.

-          Share whatever detailed information the team will require to design the business enhancement and communicate with the team on a regular basis

-          Be willing to implement the change and report results –near term results (e.g. by October) and also longer term results (e.g., a year from now)

-          Attend the post project celebration!

·         Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement and consulting agreement.

·         Participate in the brief project evaluation and be willing to be videotaped talking about the experience in the Small Business Challenge

For more information, including feedback from small business owners and non-profits from past Challenges, please see our website at You can also contact us with any questions at

If you are interested in participating, please complete the application on the website by May 9.  We will notify our partners if chosen as a semi-finalist no later than May 14.

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03/20 2014

Are you jumping on this .NGO bandwagon?

I’m not sure I am for any of the orgs I support. Do you really need yournonprofitname.NGO? The new .NGO and .ONG domains will be released late Summer 2014. Unlike .ORG, the new domains will only be available to NGOs, charities, and nonprofits — thus creating for the first time an international database of verified NGOs in every country. The new domains will be released on a first come, first serve basis.

To ensure that you get your first choice of the new domains, visit and fill out an Expression of Interest:

Learn more:

And good luck getting your first choice of .NGO and .ONG!!

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07/10 2013

NTEN Journal CHANGE is all about Mobile and your Nonprofit

Our friends at NTEN have released a new NTEN CHANGE journal. This one is concentrating on what’s going on with mobile trends and mobile strategy across the nonprofit sector. If you are not familiar the NTEN CHANGE journal was established in 2011 to address the strategic and practical considerations nonprofit leadership staff and board members need to make in order to make sound investments and effective planning decisions that will help their nonprofit organizations achieve their missions.

Each issue includes case studies, in-depth articles, practical tips for applying tools and strategies, leader profiles, and community feedback. Contributors to the journal include experts in the nonprofit and technology sectors and members of the NTEN community (who are also experts!).

This issue:
“Testing the Waters With Mobile Technology: What You and Your Peers are Finding”, by Kyle Henri Andrei, Idealware.
“A Mobile Silent Auction”, Josh Hirsch, The Weiss School.
“Three Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Supporters” from Claire Kerr, Artez Interactive.
“Leadership Cheat Sheet: 10 Steps for Planning Your Nonprofit App”, from Allyson Kapin, Rad Campaign.
“Case Study: Mobility and Program Delivery”, Headway Emotional Health Services.

Grab it here:

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05/28 2013

Have you heard of

Some new friends from the site reached out to my lately to talk about a rather boring subject. Survey technology. Most of us are sold on surveymonkey, or something we rigged together using HTML and radio buttons, but instead we should be checking out their service. Here’s why.

Nonprofits are always looking to have bigger and better impact on a budget. That requires them to gather accurate data on the effectiveness of their strategies. For example, many nonprofits are looking to create effective summer programs this time of the year. Unfortunately, the feedback they receive from parents is usually at the end of the program, by which time it is too late to apply any new strategies for the current summer. Ideally, they need an easy and inexpensive tool to provide them with instant feedback on the effectiveness of their programs, even on a daily basis.

That what votetrends does. They have developed an tool that allows non-profits to “create once, collect indefinitely.” votetrends seamlessly collects people’s opinions and shows trends using interactive visualizations. Voters can change their minds at any time.

The good part for you? The service is currently free for use (and will always be free for individuals), and can help non-profits make decisions using actionable longitudinal data. Importantly, votetrends is anonymous and respects its voters’ privacy; its mission is to become an anonymous safe haven for people’s changing opinions.

 And they have a damn good team behind it. The idea germinated with a Harvard PhD student, Kevin Vora, who wanted to create a tool that benefits the community through data. The votetrends team also includes: Gokul Madhavan, a Harvard PhD student in the computational humanities; Niral Vora, who specializes in e-commerce analytics; Erin Hegarty, who works in corporate philanthropy; and Stephanie Medeiros, who focuses on social media.

So what are you waiting for? Go try it out today.


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