How to solve for Homelessness in Austin. Innovation at it’s Best.


We recently got this message from the new Mayor of Austin, TX, Steve Adler. Instead of building new shelters or home, why not use what we already have? A great, innovative solution to helping with affordable housing in Austin. What do you think? How is your city handling this issue? ============================ With less than a month until Veterans Day, I ...

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Don’t Sell….but Sell. Don’t Ask….but Ask.

As marketers, fundraisers and consultants we are often hit with these confusing messages over and over again in our daily lives and in our careers. As a marketer you should sell a product..but don’t act like you are selling. I had a great conversation about this with my friend, and social marketing expert, Cathy today at lunch. And then saw ...

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LifeWorks’ The White Party

I was very honored to be invited the ninth year of LifeWorks The White Party. It happened this last Saturday and I can tell from the social media posts and these photos that people had a blast. But beyond the glitz and glamour of this event at the Long Center lies a great Austin nonprofit working hard. And in topics ...

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What’s the Future of Fundraising?


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a post from Marc Sirkin. A good friend of mine and my coach at PwC Digital This blog post is loosely transcribed from a talk I gave as part of a Future of Non-profits meet up hosted by my buddy¬†David Neff. I was asked to do no more than 5 minutes and came up with the ...

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