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Kodak and VideoCamp Austin

Hey Gang! As many of you know I am helping out with running VideoCamp Austin with Talmadge Boyd and Weston Norton. We got word today that the fine folks at Kodak are sponsoring us with some amazing prizes for the campers. Watch and enjoy…

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VideoCamp Austin: Where are we?

Hey Campers. David J. Neff here. As one of the folks helping put this event on I decided to make a video to show you exactly where it takes place. So before you head to our event on Feb 27th be sure and take a gander at this video that shows you the who, what and where of our event. ...

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VideoCamp Austin: Are you coming?

Hey Campers. David J. Neff here. I’m one of the co-founders of VideoCamp Austin and I wanted to take you on a sneak peek of the amazing rooms at the conference. We were lucky enough to get the University of Texas ACT LAB to host us and I think you will be impressed. http://www.videocampaustin.com More coming soon from your friends ...

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