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What do CEO’s think about Innovation?

According to research from my firm, CEO’s are thinking about with the same stage-gate mindset that Randal and I are in our new book, IGNITE: Setting your Organization’s Culture on Fire with Innovation. In the video below, taken from PwC’s CEO research, we hear CEOs share how they are rising to the innovation challenge — through cultural change, breaking the ...

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How much does your NP boss get paid?

Check out the latest figures from the 2010 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report. Interesting facts below. What do you think? Do you know: * How many CEOs headed nonprofits with budgets greater than $50 million in FY 2008? Answer: 3,107. The median compensation for those CEOs was $394,508. * How many CEOs headed nonprofits with budgets between $25 million and $50 ...

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