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Social Media Games that Move You

Cancer has been linked to obesity and so has heart disease and a ton of other bad things.  Social Media mostly involves you sitting on your butt in front of TweetDeck or Fscebook or your browser. But why can’t social media games actually make you work. Check out these two new games that require players to get out and get ...

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American Heart Association Study – Macro Trending

The American Heart Association is researching macro trends in fundraising and business, as well as popular culture. One of those trends is social media and the role it plays in fundraising for non-profit organizations. We have developed a short survey to help us move forward. Your participation in our survey would be greatly appreciated. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=4E0SQ46fpolJIVTnin0cwQ_3d_3d Thank you for your time!

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What the heck is a CryptoZoo? And how does it help my heart?

Run with the cryptids, and you may run faster and weirder than you ever thought possible. It’s all part of a new game called CryptoZoo. CryptoZoo, commissioned by the American Heart Association, is a free, non-commercial game that combines real-world physical activity with gaming and social media. The idea is to make physical activity fun so more people will participate. ...

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