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Nothing could make me more proud to be an American Cancer Society employee than the following announcement (from the Link, folks):

American Cancer Society Involvement in the PBS Series:
"Remaking American Medicine"

In support of the American Cancer
Society’s nationwide priority to improve quality of life services and policies
through community mobilization, collaboration, and advocacy, the Society has
committed to being a national partner in "Remaking American Medicine," a
four-part series intended for broadcast on PBS in early 2006. The series is
funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and its goal is to showcase,
through real life examples, how the quality of healthcare continues to undergo a
metamorphosis in this country and how these changes, or lack thereof, can
empower viewers and call them to action.

American Cancer Society
Involvement in the PBS Series: "Remaking American Medicine"

The program journeys across the
nation to follow an array of pioneering individuals and institutions as they
work to bridge the "quality chasm." It is told through the eyes of clinicians,
medical educators, administrators, and patients and their families. It highlights their struggles in dealing with
communication and access to care barriers as well as poignant victories and the
“Champions of Change,” those people across the country that are orchestrating
some of the innovative methods reshaping our system today. The series will be
organized in the following four-part one-hour segments:

– Remaking Medical

– Transforming Acute

– The Patient at the

– Perfect Care for Everyone


The television series will serve as
the culmination of a lengthy planning and production process and nationwide
outreach initiative designed to raise awareness and mobilize the public into
demanding – and supporting – sweeping change throughout the American healthcare


The American Cancer Society’s

The American Cancer Society is participating in the
National Partnership Program supporting this program series. As such, the
Society will participate as a centralized, national level partner, focused on
providing nationwide promotional support for the programs through existing
Society communication channels. The Society will also suggest storyline ideas to
the series production team. Division participation in local outreach,
coalition-building, and activities with local PBS affiliates is entirely


It is not the intent of Remaking American Medicine or the National Partnership Program to advocate for
any particular policy or to engage in any legislative agenda. Rather, the
National Partners will have a chance to unite in one clear voice and with
one single goal – to demand a change in the quality of American health

American Cancer Society Exposure

As a National Partner, the
American Cancer Society brand and organization will be exposed in the following


· Identified in all of the
promotional materials that will be produced during the campaign. This will
include press kits, the Leadership Guide, campaign newsletter as well as the
campaign’s Web site,

  • Included as a provider of “best
    practice” examples to be featured in the campaign Web site under the heading
    “Champions of Change” and through a searchable database. The campaign Web site
    and database will be promoted to thousands of local, regional and national
    groups that will be encouraged to connect with each other in support of Remaking American Medicine and to adopt
    “best practices.”
  • Included as “cancer expert
    spokespersons” in selected media opportunities.
  • Recognized as a partner at the
    series Premiere Launch and National Symposium scheduled for early 2006 in




    This event will bring together health care quality improvement leaders,
    policy-makers, patient advocates and the media.


A new Web site,,
will play a vital role by facilitating contact with individuals and institutes
in scores of communities supporting the campaign. Among other resources, the Web
site features a complete list of National Partners, a campaign FAQ, information
on Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), resources, press materials and
information on campaign underwriters.The ability to subscribe to the campaign’s
monthly E-Newsletter and regular bulletins is also available on the Web


Champions of Change Stories

At its core, Remaking American
Medicine is a glimpse into the type of health care we can all have. It is about
the pioneering work of providers, patients and their families, private
purchasers, government agencies and others committed to making health care in


safe, evidence-based,
efficient and effective. These people and organizations are considered Champions
of Change. Because there are many more stories about these groups and
individuals than can be told in a four hour television series, the Champions of
Change stories will be used to help promote the series and may be featured on
the campaign Web site – Learning from others is an
important aspect in the drive to remake American medicine. For sample Champions
of Change stories, visit the campaign Web site at and click
on the "About Remaking American Medicine" link.

Created: 04/06/2005 Modified: 04/06/2005