SOPA + PIPA? What does it mean?

A special guest post from Ehren Foss, CEO of HelpAttack!

In terms of demonstrating the power of online communities to have an
impact in the very offline process of legislation, today is an amazing
day.  Wikipedia, Google, and many other sites are  putting the SOPA
and PIPA legislation, and their opposition to it, front and center,
and individuals are responding strongly as well.  What could be wrong?

Even if these bills are defeated, they will return, and they will
never be perfect.  We need great, expert organizations with effective
tactics to have the resources to continue their work.  Did you change
your Twitter avatar?  Great!  Did you black out your website, no
matter how small? Wonderful!  It’s time to do more.
Please donate to one of these organizations, of one of your choosing,
right now.  The sooner the funds reach them, the sooner they will have
the resources to do more positive things that we can’t do while
looking at our computer screens, changing our Twitter pictures, or
adding Javascript to our sites.

Electronic Frontier Foundation:
American Civil Liberties Union:
Sunlight Foundation:
Open Congress:

AFTER you’ve done that, please consider sustaining your support by
creating an ongoing HelpAttack! pledge like this one.