Social Networks and Fundraising

Profit organizations are being drawn towards large social networking
sites at a rapid pace, due in large part to the density of potential
volunteers. One of the organizations looking to recruit new donors is
the International Humanitarian Foundation. The group recently launched the $10/1000 campaign
focusing on attracting 1000 new donors at $10. "Social networking has
the power to effect change in our world. We can reach the people we
know will be interested in our work in a viral manner," said IHF
President Amish Parashar.

Part of the allure continues to be massive scope and size of these
spaces, but no one has really tried to quantify the quality for
specific actions. There have been no research studies that I have seen
that help fund raisers better understand conversion rates in social
networks, and ROI for each fund raised dollar. IHF suspects tha the
overwhelming majority of new donors will be 1 to 3 degrees away from
existing IHF volunteer, which speaks to the assumption that the web
technology allows for stronger reach across weaker ties but we still do
not know how strong or how far that reach can go.