"Social Machines" looks at social networking

A new article on the Technology Review web site titled "Social Machines" looks interesting, so I am providing the link below for this lengthy story.

The web site provides interesting insight to new ways of reporting a story with this editor’s note: "While writing this feature for the magazine, senior editor Wade Roush added notes to the story. He also solicited reader feedback, which was incorporated here. Throughout the article, readers can mouse over the bold text to see what early readers contributed. If you are unable to click on the link in the contribution, simply click on the bolded word in the article, which will take you to the appropriate page."

An excerpt in the summary of the article gives the flavor, one that summarizes today’s technology advances and social networking.

Author Roush says, "As advanced as our PCs and our other information gadgets have grown, we never really learned to love them. We’ve used them all these years only because they have made us more productive. But now that’s changing. When computing devices are always with us, helping us to be the social beings we are, time spent "on the computer" no longer feels like time taken away from real life."

Check it out at Technology Review!