Second Life relay totals are in

I am
pleased to announce that the final (unofficial since it will probably
go up by a dollar or two) totals for the SLRFL are in.  We raised a
total of $5,411.00 from our relay event.  The overwhelming majority of
that money was raised in lindens by our Relay For Life participants.
We raised just over $4,700.00 in linden donations and I can not be

The American Cancer Society thanks everyone who participated in the
event.  We are especially thankful for the support of Keith Morris, and
Jerry Paffendorf.  They were able to enlist the services of some of the
most talented people in SL including – but not limited to; Csven
Concord, Trimda Hedges, FlipperPa Perregine, Lyre Calliope, Hudson
Stryker, the SL Air Patrol, and the whole Radio Radio staff.  Thank
yous also go to those who built campsites, provided blimp rides, and
ran the track.  We were glad to see the return of Torley to SL, and
hope that as the community grows, so will the philanthropy. 

Thank you all again!

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  1. Congratulations!! Good work, Randy, and all the people at Linden Labs and the volunteers involved in Second Life Relay. This is a breakthrough event that should get a lot of wheels turning about what can be done with virtual communities.