Save More than Cash Money

Check this out as sent in from one of our readers: GivShop, a new Austin-based company, is partnering with local businesses and non-profits to create an innovative donation tool.  GivShop will offer shoppers deeply discounted deals on fun things to do in the Austin area and will give 50% of their profit to the local non-profit of the customer’s choice.

Launching in August, GivShop will send out a daily deal via email to those who register for their service.  The consumer actually selects a non-profit from a list of partners to receive a portion of their sale.

“It truly is an ideal situation for everyone involved,” says Brad Mellema, CEO and Founder of GivShop, “Shoppers get a great deal on something fun to do, businesses create awareness of their product and drive more business, and non-profits receive additional funding.  Everybody wins.”

GivShop focuses on local businesses and non-profits.  So far, they are partnering with about 15 area charities, including the Austin Humane Society, Boys and Girls Club of Austin, Ronald McDonald House of Austin, Emancipet, and Ballet Austin.

Interested in learning more?  I’m interested in hearing from Nonprofits who are using the service. Maybe I will have the Ronald McDonald house folks check in after awhile? Visit their website at