Preventing cancer–2 views

From The Scientist

“Can we prevent cancer? Absolutely, according to epidemiological data on migrant populations. The Japanese historically have a high incidence of gastric cancer and a low incidence of colon cancer. In the U.S., it is the opposite. In the last half of the twentieth century, upon migration to Hawaii, first generation Japanese saw a dramatic switch in the relative incidence of gastric versus colon cancer. By the second generation, the incidence reflected the western diet. One to two generations is not long enough to see a change in genetics, so clearly the environment plays a major role.”

–Leonard Augenlicht, professor of medicine and cell biology; associate director for translational research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Cancer Center, New York

“How can we prevent cancer? Don’t have your cells divide! Cancer is one of those very hard walls we hit as far as longevity goes. There are lots of things to do to lower your risk of getting cancer–eat well, don’t smoke–but to actually guarantee not getting cancer, I don’t really know if we can ever do that. Cell division is risky business. The risk of cancer is something we have to learn to live with.”

–Judith Campisi, senior scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; professor, Buck Institute for Age Research, Navato, Calif.

Seems to me like Old School (the former) vs. New Skool (the latter).