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What the heck am I up to?

Hey Gang As most of you might of heard I have a new gig. I’m no longer a lone samurai wandering the digital strategy world (at places like AuntBertha.com, VivoGig, Best Friends Animal Society and Emory). I’ve found a new amazing home at Ant’s Eye View here in Austin, TX. It’s a total career change for me. No more PR/Marketing ...

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What is the Future of Fundraising?

A special guest post from our friend Ehren Foss over @ helpattack. Last month we took some time to plot the history of social media fundraising, and summarized our findings into 10 hard-won lessons of raising money on social networks. It’s relatively easy, with hindsight, to look into the past. But what about the future? What might happen in 2012, ...

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Community Manager Day + Google+ Demo

Thought the audience here would appreciate this. Who knew there was a National Community Manager Day? I sure as heck didn’t till this week.  

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SOPA + PIPA? What does it mean?

A special guest post from Ehren Foss, CEO of HelpAttack! In terms of demonstrating the power of online communities to have an impact in the very offline process of legislation, today is an amazing day.  Wikipedia, Google, and many other sites are  putting the SOPA and PIPA legislation, and their opposition to it, front and center, and individuals are responding ...

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