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Debut authors Neff and Moss tackle the sustainability of nonprofits through one encompassing keyword: innovation.

Drawing on the authors’ experiences as digital-media strategists on the business side of nonprofits, this enriching guidebook not only describes how these organizations can survive the future but how they can thrive in it. This book, the authors write, will “provide you with a blueprint to recreate the way that your organization fulfills its mission.” Neff and Moss advocate the importance of developing “a culture of innovation,” offering a variety of creative, digital techniques and business models that can be tailored to fit every nonprofit’s needs. They reference websites of organizations that employ cutting-edge “innovations” to the benefit of their mission, as well as other more conservative (read: offline) initiatives that have worked in the past. This sturdy, informative guide is written in straightforward prose paced like a spirited novel, and each chapter is summarized at the conclusion for quick review. The authors’ writing style and clarity makes this an effortless read for any nonprofit staffer, no matter their level. However, the tone is slanted toward executives, and the book includes a section with guidelines on how to staff organizations with the best people. Appendices include information about job descriptions and quizzes.