New toy

I’ve got a new toy. Have you noticed? Yeah, when I got a new phone contract I got a cell phone with a camera. I’m thinkin’, "pretty cool." The pics are not great, but, heck, it’s a phone. Then last week I read that Samsung has just produced a phone with a 7 mega-pixel camera in it. Seven mega-pilexs!? That’s as good as any high-end camera. Of course, you know as a cell phone customer, the reason they put these bells and whistles in cell phones is so you use air time. How big is a 7 mega-pix file? How long does it take to transmit? I’ll stick to my low-rez camera. Besides, it was free.

Just so I won’t inflict all my phone snaps on FISpace readers, I set up an account at Flickr, a combination online photo album and blogish social environment.  For the very curious, check it out.