New Medical Treatment Trend?

Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, the American Cancer Society’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer blogs about what could be a new trend in medical care called Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Dr. Len says:

If done right, this effort has the potential to
vastly improve the care we provide our patients, emphasizing prevention
as well as more effective, evidence-based primary care medicine when
someone develops an illness or a chronic medical condition such as
diabetes or heart disease.


  1. I left a comment on Dr. Len’s Blog. I’ve been hearing similar high ideals about health care since I was in Public Health School 40 years ago. But we keep getting worse and worse crap. Until Americans get absolutely outraged about the financial incentives and interests that stop us from getting value for our money in health care, the patient-centered medical home will stay just a lovely ideal.

  2. Still, there seems to be some momentum here. Albeit “glacial.”