If you haven’t heard of "mash-ups" before they are when someone takes an existing product and combines it with something new and cool. Kinda like a re-mix. Here is a great Mash-Up based on Google Maps, which I have covered before for FIspace. This Web Site let’s you find Wireless Internet spots using a Google Map. No more asking people "Do you have Wireless Internet here?" and having them look at you like your a Nerd from outerspace. Now if you want to know where to find "Wireless Hotspots" all you have to do is type in your location. Check out the sample map below.


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  1. Yeah, I’ve wondered if we couldn’t do Google maps with labels for our office locations. How about Google maps to our Relays?

    Speaking of mash-ups, the July Wired has a good section on mash-ups of music, movies, logos, etc. If people can’t share copyrighted stuff, they’ll deconstruct the originals and share synthesized mash-ups.