Life as Idenity Building

ow individuals, particularly younger Europeans, feel the need to
expose and broadcast their personal lives openly for all to see. The
insinuation is the act of sharing helps to shape you identity and shape
the image that others have of your identity.

In a historical context there are two important societal shifts that have
brought about the importance of identity building: the shift from strict social
hierarchy to meritocracy and the shift from collectivism to individualism.
Today, people are mostly judged by their own merits and accomplishments and less
by where they come from.

being th case it seems clear that to survive in the meritocracy it is
key to broadcast all of your individual accomplishments as well as make
sure that you are being a part of the collective forward movement. To
be active is to belong, and to be long is to be valuable. We are now
living our life not for ourselves but for the perception of other.