Katrina's destruction may spread to nonprofits

An article in the LA Times suggests that the ripples from hurricane Katrina may hit NPOs as far away as California. The outpouring of generosity to Katrina survivors and the Red Cross is being diverted from other charitable causes.

Already there are signs that the unprecedented generosity directed at
victims of Hurricane Katrina is having an effect on nonprofit groups
that rely on private donations to survive…

Donations to help hurricane survivors are pouring in at record rates,
analysts say, outpacing giving after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and
the Southeast Asian tsunami.

As of Thursday, the American Red
Cross had received $503 million in gifts and pledges for hurricane
relief, the charity’s website reported.

…Nonprofit officials call the response commendable. But at the same
time, they are anxious that people will neglect myriad other causes and
issues funded solely by private donors that provide services for the

I guess the pain of this disaster is great enough to be felt by everyone.