It’s the most wonderful time of the year! SXSW 2017

I like to think of it as spring break for the tech set! And I’m honored this year to be speaking for the 7th straight year. Here’s where and when you can come say hi!, give me a hard time from the back of the room, or just catch up if you are in town.

The Future of eCommerce Meetup

Many individuals at SXSW stand at the intersection of retail, eCommerce, brand and marketing. This meet up welcomes all like-minded folks to come together and talk about what the future holds for eCommerce. Join me as I co-host this one and talk #AI, #VR, The Future of Retail (Amazon GO!) and conversational commerce.

IGNITE: Setting your Culture on Fire Book Reading

Randal and I are very excited that our book got accepted into SXSW 2017. Come here us talk about the process, how culture can make or break innovation at your company and how product minded organizations can never ignore innovation.

Retaining Volunteer Talent in your Community

Volunteers aren’t employees, but they add enormous value to a nonprofit organisation: they are not a free resource, but are often treated like one. From co-ordination to reporting, volunteers can find themselves in limbo, which can be equally damaging to the organisation as to the individual. How can a professional online community management approach deliver long term sustainability? Volunteers value the social relationships and knowledge sharing that comes with their roles.