International Funding

EU Foundations are more likely to behave in an international way then their American counterparts. The top 40 European Foundations provided 2002 grants of 3.2 billion euros, $3.5 billion, almost all of them gave outside their borders. The top 40 American Foundations gave more 7.4 billion euros, $8.1 billion but only 14% gave outside the USA
American Foundations are not the largest asset holders or the biggest donors. The largest foundation, both in total assets and grant making, is the Wellcome Trust headquartered in London; it gave $765 million, and had assets of $14.3 billion.
In comparison, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the biggest in the U.S. in total assets and grant making, gave $1.15 billion in 2002, and had assets of $33.2 billion.
It may be a good idea to look first for support in your own back yard if you are American but do not ignore the international route.