I say again: ACS-TV!

Here’a link to an interview on Net2 with Irina Slutsky, a longtime vlogger (video blogger). When asked about use of vlogs for nonprofits, Irina said:


Net Squared works to bring Web 2.0 into the hands of non profit
groups. Is this a worthwhile medium for those groups to explore?


i’d say it’s a VERY worthwhile medium for non-profits

to explore since it’s very inexpensive right now

the public loves to watch stuff much more than to read stuff

and if you can make it funny, then the public will love you

i mean, Eddie and i are both essentially broke as hell

and we still manage to put out a show 3 times a week


  1. Thought you’d be interested — I’m meeting with our “on demand” friends again this aftenroon to continue discussions. ACS TV will develop one way or another 🙂

  2. Keep punching, Lisa. It’s going to happen, and you’re the one to do it.