How does your non-profit listen?

Are you a google alert type of person or more of a glass at the door person? I asked this question of a ton of people on twitter and my other non-profit hookups and here was the response. How many of these are you using to listen to the conversations people are having about your non-profit on online networks? Did I miss any? Use the comments to let me know.

Twitter, Facebook, forums, and RSS and forms in our pages… but also CROWDSourcing
Twitscoop, google alerts, google,, twitter, delicious, youtube, technorati, digg
Google Alerts, Technorati,, Delicious.
– Google Blog Alerts Beta


  1. What is crowdsourcing? Heard of it, but can you explain?

  2. We are a for profit company, but I work with non-profits through our Enlighten Together program. I use TweetScan (Google Alerts for Twitter) for keywords. Not familiar with sm2, perspectv or Keotag so thanks for the new listening devices to check out!

  3. Crowdsourcing? What is that?

  4. Congrats -you won a t-shirt!

    I added your post to the Monitoring Tools section of the WEAreMedia project

    I also have an entire wiki devoted to the topic wiki – with lots of step-by-steps, how-to, and tips.