Fundraising, New and Old

Our "party with a purpose" for the Olympics was a success.  The one party raised $2960 for the American Cancer Society.Download OlympicDukeParty2250622.doc Think if we could put on 30 of these parties.  Maybe we will. For the next party in 2008 we are promised a Web Site.

On another subject: from David Collin’s Bloggin’ Phones of February 28, think what this could do to Internet fundraising?  Internet fundraising has been reported to have grown 50% last year.  If we can add oral communication to it, what would that bring in?  On the one hand, the Internet is used so you do not have to be oral, but there are reasons where oral communication might help.  For example, when a restricted gift is wanted in a particular area or under terms that have not been for seen.  The future is bright with high tech and some high touch. 
Go for it.

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  1. Right on, Ed! That’s the kind of thinking we need and what we want to stimplate here on FISpace.