Falling off my chair laughing

I commented yesteday about NSA’s use of social networking analysis (SNA). Then today I get this in the mail:

From NSA wire-tapping allegations to MySpace, Social Networks Analysis (SNA) is suddenly everywhere – and we are getting asked a lot of questions about the underlying concepts and technology. With that in mind we have launched a blog that covers what we think are the critical topics in the field.

Frankly our goal with this blog is to bring you the most current information and commentary on SNA that we can find – without a lot of brochureware and hype. We cover topics such as Best Books to read, ONA and SNA techniques, calculating the value of Enterprise Social Capital, and more. We also see it as a great opportunity for you to add your voice to this exciting new area and we look forward to hearing from you.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Spying and marketing all in the same game. (Either way, you want to be mindful of who you talk to.) Again I say, here’s a chance to turn the NSA from a tax-draining government cost-center into a debt-reducing profit-center. The data and analysis from NSA’s SNA is a multi-billion dollar property. We could retire the national debt by selling the spy agency’s data to marketers!