So, here’s a video for FISpace that, uh, explains itself.

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  1. It opened and some music played, for a socond or two. Was that all?

  2. Ed, I wonder if you need to download a newer version of the (free) Macromedia Flash player…there’s about six minutes of content. You can get it at

    Happy second anniversary, FISpace!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Dr. Seffrin or another Society administrator did a simultaneous webcast of their next talk about the future of cancer research?

  3. Yes, Amy, a lot of things could be captured easily for replay.

  4. Sweet! So what and how did you do that? Who’s hosting the flash file?

  5. David, I’m using They’re hosting my podcasts for $5 month. They have a beta videoblog host service with unlimited use–for now. I used Windows MovieMaker in XP as an editor. It’s OK to start with. There are better editors out there. I’ll check with to see if they have a deal for multiple users. I doubt it ’cause they’re pretty new.

  6. Very cool. I think the potential applications are tremendous, especially as this technology becomes easier and more readily available.

    Oh yea, cool music.